Our Vision

"Mental retardation (MR)" means a condition of arrested or incomplete development of mind of a person which is specially characterised by subnormality of intelligence.

From Principal's Desk

Mental retardation is not a disease but a condition. An impaired child needs your help,but not sympathy. An impaired person can also be useful to the society if trained properly.

Our Objectives

To render social activities for the welfare of needy persons including arrangment of training to mentally and other impaired children and helping the aged persons, widows, family planning & medical assistance to the general public.

Ashadeep Institute - Pride of Muzaffarnagar

Ashadeep Training Institute is an organization for mentally handicapped and hearing impaired children which was established by the Samiti on 15th August 1994. Nearly 80 to 85 children are learning basic life skills and self care activities incuding eating, dressing, personal hygiene, washing, basic courtesys, handling money, distinguishing colours and computer training. The children are entertained through music and other visual aids, Mathematics, reading and writing are also taught. Interest is being developed among inmates in professional work like preparation of greeting cards, manufacturing candles, envelops, rakhi and painting, decorating earthen pots.

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List of Beneficiaries for Hearing Handicapped Children
List of Beneficiaries for Mentally Retarded Children